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What Makes Commercial Air Conditioners Different From Residential?

There is a difference between commercial air conditioning and residential air conditioning units. That difference is size. For an office, a residential unit may work. Typically, a commercial project is much larger than a residential one. This means that many residential repair companies are not equipped to handle such jobs. As with anything as the size […]

Save Money with an Air Conditioning System

If you have an air conditioner in Brisbane, chances are you will need someone that specialises in air conditioning service. If you don’t have air con, you need this service even more in those 40 degree summer days that seem to sneak up on us all. Despite temperate climates, heat waves are common, and can be […]

Parts of an Air Conditioner and How It is Installed

Air conditioners have four main components, the condenser which sits outside, an air handler which is indoors, vents which remove and deliver air as needed and lastly the thermostat which acts as a control center for the whole operation. Air conditioner installers ensures that all your competent work together properly. The condenser is arguably the most […]