Could A Ductless Air Conditioning System Be Right For Your Home?

Air conditioning in Brisbane homes can be a challenge, especially in older or modern style homes that simply don’t have room for the clunky duct work of a traditional air conditioning unit. A split ductless system may be the perfect solution for your home. A split system works in a similar manner to traditional units with an outdoor compressor and an indoor air handler. Rather than using bulky metal ducts, these high efficiency systems use thin, flexible pipe of about five centimeters. This piping makes it easy to conceal behind thin walls, route around utilities and conform to unconventional places.

It is often faster and easier to install a split system due to their smaller size and flexibility. Smaller size also often means a highly reduced cost, as small pipe costs much less than large duct work. The decreased manual labor also lowers the installation price, making this an attractive option for frugal buyers as well.

An up to 30% increase in efficiency over window units allows you to cool your home and keep it that way. The higher capacity of the ductless system lets your system keep up with even the hottest Brisbane days. Never again will you need to turn the system up to compensate for extreme heat. The increase in efficiency directly affects your energy bill, in a positive way. Ductless systems help you breathe easy, using filters to remove both particles and allergens. These filters are able to be washed and reused right at home, to help cut down on both cost and waste, making them even more appealing to the frugal and economically minded homeowners.

Ductless systems are also much quieter than other systems. Anyone who is tired of a clunky system disturbing their sleep will enjoy the quieter ductless system. It is especially useful in the rooms of young children who are easily disturbed by the noises of traditional units.

No matter the reason, from a recent purchase or a long overdue remodel, ductless systems are yet another option to maintain a comfortable environment year round without breaking your budget. As with any air conditioning system, proper installation is everything, units of the wrong size won’t work at optimum efficiency. Choosing a well known and knowledgeable HVAC company can be the difference between a relaxing cool summer and a muggy summer of air conditioner repairs.

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