What Makes Commercial Air Conditioners Different From Residential?

There is a difference between commercial air conditioning and residential air conditioning units. That difference is size. For an office, a residential unit may work. Typically, a commercial project is much larger than a residential one. This means that many residential repair companies are not equipped to handle such jobs.

As with anything as the size increases, so does the list of things that can go wrong. On commercial units, no repair is small or something minor, such as drainage issues becomes a major repair. The drainage has a much higher flow, which means if it works improperly, there is a much higher amount of water that can cause damage to property as well as the cooling unit in a shorter time than a residential system.

This makes maintenance much more important for commercial systems. Some experts recommend as often as every three months for routine maintenance rather than the yearly recommendation given to residential units. Many repair companies offer discounts on scheduled maintenance because of the regularity of the schedule.

A maintenance check will cover the same things as a residential system, checking for leaks, dirt debris and questionable instillation. The larger the system the longer a maintenance check will take. Commercial almost always uses duct work, which may need a camera inspection every year or sooner if an issue is suspected. By keeping duct work secure, the system maintains optimum efficiency. Small leaks are not an issue, but multiple small leaks can cause a lot of air loss, which in turn makes the system run longer to compensate for lost air.

The bottom line is always one of the most important factors in any business. By ensuring your building’s commercial air conditioning is operating at full efficiency, your company will save money on energy bills and leave a greener planet. Routine maintenance also saves you money in the long run by identifying potential problems before they are costly repairs. Parts that cost a couple hundred dollars on residential machines can easily reach thousands of dollars on large commercial units. Even for a successful business, this can cut profit margins.

Installing and maintaining an air conditioning unit benefits your business in many ways. Employees are more productive in a comfortable temperature. Equipment will work better and longer if maintained under a controlled climate and many goods need a constant temperature to prevent damage. A refrigerated room, for example, is another kind of air conditioner. If that room malfunctions, the inventory loss could be substantial, proper maintenance can prevent unexpected break-downs in your commercial air conditioning system.

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