How to Choose an Air Conditioner Repair Company?

An air conditioner may be a luxury in some parts of the world, but in Brisbane in the heat of summer, it is a necessity. When a system stops working as well as it should, you notice it quickly. Choosing aircon repair can be simple if you know what to look for, usually word of mouth is the best way to find someone for air conditioner repairs in Brisbane.

If you don’t’ have a recommendation or perhaps too many of them, the following tips can help narrow down your choices for air con repairs in Brisbane.

The most important thing for air con repair service is availability of parts. If you wait three days for an appointment, a week for parts and four days for another appointment, that means two weeks without air conditioning. This may not seem like long in the general scope of life, but inside of a heat wave, you may regret the wait for an air con repairs.

Reputation means a lot; does the company offer aircon repair services that would be recommended to others? Often companies have testimonials on their website; look for positive as well as negative. If the only thing you can find are positive reviews, be wary as it likely means they hide negative reviews. Check the negatives and make sure they are nothing major. A bad install for example may be a reason to avoid an aircon repair service company, while a late arrival to an appointment could happen to anyone and shouldn’t be the sole reason you overlook a company.

Air con repair is a competitive business. Therefore, prices should be competitive. Ask for a quote from a few places. If they tell you it depends on the time the job takes, ask for their per hour rate and then ask for a time range of the repair you need. There are plenty of aircon repair businesses, don’t pay more for something another offers cheaper with the same quality.

Another major factor of air con repair is experience; a new business may do a fantastic job, but an older business has the experience needed to service a wider range of machines. Air conditioner repairs is an ever changing thing, technology changes season to season and companies need to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

No matter who you choose for your aircon repair services, always check that they are insured. Your home should be left the same as it was found, only much cooler.

In this case, we are all of the above. You can stop searching and call us now on 1300 366 959 and we will be happy to answer any of your enquiries!